Our premier event is the World Corporate Champions Cup™. This event will be organized every two years in revolving countries.  Host nations must be members in order to host the games. Our first World Corporate Champions Cup™ will be held in Montreal, Canada on 29, 30 June & 1 July 2018. As we aim to have 16 countries present – our strategy is based on our objectives to continue to seek country members and establish our continental office structures. For more information on this upcoming event – please consult the website of the World Corporate Champions Cup™.

Each continental organisation will need to host their own regional Corporate Champions Cup™ with the objective to identify corporate clients in their region who would be ready to undertake the participation of such a tournament.

Each country members will have to host a national cup and promote the winners to attend Continental cups and eventually a world cup.

Hosting the event will be placed on a competitive bidding and sent our to our members, but we do not intend to make the host country pay for the entire tournament.  Each participating member will have to contribute to the overall financial burden of such an undertaking.