FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football.  Our aim is to keep expanding and be represented through out the world.

FIFCO has two types of members, Continental and Country.  There are six Continental members representing the six continents.  Every country joins both their respective continental organisation and FIFCO at the same time.

A probationary period called Correspondent is offered at first, for country associations to form and establish their base.  After they complete their requirements, membership is then extended.




Confédération Africaine de Football Corporatif
The CAFCO encompasses the countries of Africa and organizes the African Corporate Champions Cup.

Confederation of North American Corporate Football
CONAFCO organizes and manages corporate soccer in Canada, USA and in Mexico, as well as the several Caribbean member nations.

Confederaciòn Sudamericana de Fùtbol Corporativo
With the all passion for the game, COSAFCO is our partner in Latin America encompassing the 10 South American nations and organizing both Continental cups and Trade-specific tournaments.




Asian Federation of Corporate Football
FAFCO organizes through several nation partners the Asian Corporate Champions Cup and some Trade-specific tournaments.

Oceanic Federation of Corporate Football
Smallest, but not least important member of the FIFCO family, organising primarily out of Australia all activities in Australia, the South Pacific and New Zealand.

Union of European Associations of Corporate Football
One of the largest members handling the European Corporate Champions Cup, Several national cups and trade-specific cups across the continent.

Want to become a member?

Are you up for the challenge of setting up and running corporate football leagues and/or tournaments in your country?  Download the informational brochure to learn more about member benefits.