Appointment: Ovidiu Batineanu will head UEFCO

The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) is proud to announce the appointment of Ovidiu Batineanu, as the Director General of the Union of European Associations of Corporate Football (UEFCO).

Mr. Batineanu is a former professional football player, who has since been responsible for setting up and growing one of the most important corporate footballing institutions in his native Romania.  The National Corporate Football Championship is the most prestigious corporate football cup in Romania with well over 110 companies participating on an annual basis, in 3 regions.  “The appointment of Ovidiu is a positive step towards achieving our goals in Europe,” said the president of FIFCO Albert ZBILY.   “Ovidiu brings years of experience and an excellent team of qualified professionals to mange and host excellent quality football tournaments throughout Romania, and now in Europe,” continued Mr. ZBILY.

“I am delighted and honoured to accept this appointment” said Ovidiu Batineanu, “this is a wonderful sport, with incredible participants throughout the region.”

Mr Batineanu will spend the next few weeks announcing his management team and start strengthen the organisation throughout Europe.  UEFCO is based in Berlin, Germany and has the mandate to expand and build country members throughout the continent.

“Our first priority is to get as many European participants in the next FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup for 2018,” declared Mr. Batineanu, “then we will start building the European Championships for 2019.”

FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football and headquartered in Montreal, Canada. With 6 continental bodies operating under FIFCO – the orgnaistions’ mandate is to spread the sport, promote its core values, and manage the Corporate Champions Cup series of footballing tournaments around the world.