What is FIFCO

The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) was founded in 2008 and officially recognised as a Canadian non-profit organisation in 2011. FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football and was founded on four main guiding principles and values;

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity
  • Promoting team building
  • Promoting inter-company networking
  • Promoting the game of football

In today’s fast paced work place, the majority of people work in front of a computer with little opportunity for physical activity. Without regular physical activity, we develop poor habits that lead to health problems.  More so, today’s workers are an example to future generations.  If we don’t take care of our health and create positive and healthy life choices, what will we leave as a legacy to the next generation?

FIFCO strives to encourage employers, companies, and organisations both public and private to encourage their employees to seek regular exercise through the simple game of football.  The world’s most popular team sport, football allows to build positive team building and create an excellent cardio workout. Playing with office colleagues creates opportunities to develop strategies to work together on and off the pitch.


FIFCO gather companies and employees in an after-work teambuilding football organization on every level. We provide the players the opportunity to relax, compete and network at the same time in a professional environment.

Corporate vision

By creating a worldwide football organization with national, continental and worldwide activities, our vision is to realize the World Corporate Champions Cup™ with teams from all over the world in the same professional environment.


football exercise

winners of corporate soccer tournament celebrating

FIFCO encourage’s people to stay fit through a healthy lifestyle choice by increasing the frequency in exercise and introducing a healthy work-life balance.

Through our organization we can build chemistry in the office. Team sport enhances team cohesion and a better sense of team identity.

 a player promoting corporate soccer

people from other companies greeting each other

Promoting a team sport at the office and on the pitch, you become a role-model to the future by playing the simple game of football.

We provide the opportunity to make new professional contacts or find new associates, colleagues, peers, clients or friends. At the same time you enhance your internal contacts at the office.


What can you expect

We organize inspiring tournaments on a regional, national, continental and worldwide scale. As we grow more tournaments are being added around the world. Its possible to build a professional and an exciting atmosphere for the amateur game.

For everyone

FIFCO doesn’t distinguish nor discriminate against any country, private person, group of people on the basis of race, skin colour, ethnicity, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or any other reason. Every company, every player is welcome to play in a multicultural playground.

Ultimate satisfaction

Our tournaments are built in such a way as to deliver a full package. No detail is left unanswered, we make sure the needs and desires of the players are being fulfilled.

Professional environment

Remember when you were a kid? Playing with fellow teammates, friends? the adrenalin of competition, desire to win and friends and family cheering you on? FIFCO strives to recreate that feeling, as we all recognize that little kid in us never goes away.  FIFCO runs professionally organized tournaments with a focus on overall player satisfaction around the world.


  • Professionally designed and run tournaments around the world
  • Visibility for corporate image and logo
  • Professional and experienced referee core
  • FIFA approved venues with accommodation
  • Five-star tournament treatment from venue to matches to gala dinner
  • Souvenir promotional materials, images and video